About Stephanie & her art…

    Born and raised in rural Vermont, Stephanie grew up with a paintbrush in her hand. She was six years old when her parents gave her an “art box” and she has not stopped painting since.

    Stephanie’s collection of painted images are unique and rich in their expressive content, color and composition. Stephanie has hit upon a wonderful theme that captures the imagination of children, the appreciation of adults and the humor in all of us. She observes the animal and natural world. Looks for the absurdity and exaggeration of features, gestures and circumstance, and exaggerates them even more in her paintings. The creatures are absolutely endearing not because they are cute and sweet, but because they are made modest, and comical, by their less-than-perfect physical stature. Stephanie feels this is an important and reassuring message for all of us, and certainly a healthy observation for children. While Stephanie’s message is subtle, her celebration of a tropical color palate and wildly innovative pattern are anything but.

    Stephanie’s art has found it way on to everything from floor puzzles to growth charts to posters  to giclee’ reproductions and, of course, to children’s books. She has illustrated over a dozen books for children and her art has received rave reviews. Her art is even featured in a baby Einstein video!